Ep. 99: Don't Wreck The Petal

Episode 99 · September 7th, 2019 · 39 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

Our discussion this week ranges from our family histories to Steve's swing dancing prowess and then to Disney princesses and bad guys wrecking friendships. Join us as we discuss the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet and dive into topics so random that they could be your google search history...or not! #WelcomeToTheAdventure

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Media References:

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  1. Try something new! Find something that one of your friends is interested in which is outside of your comfort zone and do it with them. Even if you don't enjoy it, try to appreciate what it is about the activity which brings your friend joy.
  2. Expand your "Spiritual Toolbelt" by easing into trying a new type of prayer or spiritual excercise.
  3. Become a TCIC blogger!!

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