The Story We Tell

Episode 137 · May 30th, 2020 · 55 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

This week we discuss the Documentary 'The Amazing Johnathan' about the Comedian/magician of the same name. From Johnathan's life, we see themes of spiritual emptiness, absence of a father figure, coping mechanisms, and a loss of a sense of purpose which many of us can relate to in our own way. But the documentary takes a turn leaving us wondering, "what's the story they are telling?" #WelcomeToTheAdventure

Warning: Several References to drugs

Media References:

  • Mad Men (TV Series) Contains Explicit Content
  • Have a Good Trip (Documentary)
  • The Dollop (Podcast) Adult Themes and Language
  • Uncut Gems (Movie)
  • Mountains of Madness (Tabletop Game)
  • GloomHaven (Tabletop Game)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (Tabletop RPG)
  • Backstory (Podcast)
  • Myths and Legends (Podcast)
  • Unsolved Murders (Podcast)
  • Lore (Podcast/Amazon Prime Series)
  • The History of Rome (Podcast)
  • The History of Egypt (Podcast)
  • The History of Ancient Greece (Podcast)
  • Community (TV Series)
  • Hardcore History (Podcast)
  • The Amazing Jonathan (Documentary) Not for Children


  1. Ask yourself the question, "What is the story that I am telling to my family/God/others?" And is the story you're telling true or even the story that you want to be telling?
  2. What ending to your story would satisfy you?

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  • Adore Ministries Intern — Adore Ministries envisions lives, and indeed churches, renewed through people worshiping God with their whole lives through knowing, loving, and serving God in the ordinary and extraordinary.
  • 'The Amazing Johnathan Documentary' - IMDB — What begins as a documentary following the final tour of a dying magician - "The Amazing Johnathan" - becomes an unexpected and increasingly bizarre journey as the filmmaker struggles to separate truth from illusion.

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