The Christ-IN Culture

A podcast that uses secular pop culture as a means of evangelization.

About the show

The Christ-In Culture is a podcast that begins the discussion in which we recognize that our human desires draw us deeper into a relationship with Christ. Through this open dialogue we attempt to show that our culture is a manifestation of our longing for Christ even in the seemingly small and mundane aspects of everyday life. Using primarily sources of apparently secular media we hope to foster within others a familiarity in actively participating in this discussion in their daily lives.

Thoughts and opinions are our own and do not necessarily portray the teachings of the Catholic Church or the Diocese of Galveston-Houston.

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  • #3SeasonsAndAMovie

    October 10th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 6 mins
    adventure, baking, book, catholic, christ, christian, culture, faith, farewell, finale, god, jesus, journey, movie, music, netflix, podcast, reflection, season, theater, trivia, welcome to the adventure

    The Season 3 finale is here and it could be our last one....EVER? Join us as we reminisce on the last 3 years of the show and our plans for going forward and maybe you'll even be able to beat us at TCIC trivia. Thank you all for being a part of this adventure with us! #WelcomeToTheAdventure #3SeasonsAndAMovie

  • A Knight's Tale

    October 3rd, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 8 mins
    adventure, book, catholic, christ, christian, culture, faith, god, jesus, movie, music, podcast, welcome to the adventure

    This week we cover the last listener episode for a while: A Knight's Tale. We unravel Christian themes found in the middle ages, jousting, peasants, and so much more. Check out this episode for all that and so much more. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Good Vs. Holy

    September 26th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  53 mins 59 secs
    adventure, book, catholic, christ, christian, culture, faith, god, jesus, movie, music, podcast, welcome to the adventure

    This week we contrast the two songs 'Karma' by AJR and 'Holy' by Justin Bieber. Why does it sometimes feel like we are doing everything right but everything is going wrong? Is it enough to just be good or are we called to something greater? Join us as we discuss what we can learn from these songs about pursuing a relationship with God. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Alone

    September 19th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  40 mins 12 secs
    adventure, book, catholic, christ, christian, culture, faith, god, jesus, movie, music, podcast, welcome to the adventure

    This week we discuss how God's creation can be seen so easily in the nature of the secular world, how the desire for community is needed for communion with God, and how finding the joys and struggles in "the journey" is spiritual whether you want it to be or not. These themes come from the reality tv game show: Alone. Tune in this week to check it out. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Umbrellas for an Apocalypse

    September 12th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 9 mins
    adopted, adventure, aidan gallagher, allison, apocalypse, asceticism, assassin, ben, book, boy, cameron britton, catholic, cha-cha, chimpanzee, christ, christian, colm feore, comic book, conductor, culture, david castaneda, deadly sins, diego, ellen page, emmy raver-lampman, envy, evangelization, faith, fasting, father, five, gerard way, gluttony, god, grace, graphic novel, greed, hargreeves, hazel, hero, horror, jesus, justin min, kate walsh, klaus, kraken, leonard peabody, love, lust, luther, mary j. blige, monocle, movie, music, my chemical romance, netflix, podcast, pogo, powers, pride, reginald, relationships, robert sheehan, rumor, seance, sloth, spaceboy, superhero, swedes, temps agency, the handler, time travel, tom hopper, vanya, welcome to the adventure, white violin, wrath

    Join us this week as Gordon reveals his new recipes for meatless Friday fasting, Clint makes dad jokes, and we discuss the hit Netflix series and comic 'The Umbrella Academy'. The show reveals the consequences of a life apart from the father; desperately seeking love but often falling into deadly sin and temptation. With all of this we emphasize the need to find a family and a home for our oddities where we can experience love and a relationship with the father. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Judeo-Christian Linguistics

    September 5th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 8 mins
    adventure, book, catholic, christ, christian, culture, faith, god, jesus, job, judeo christian, linguistics, movie, music, phrases, podcast, scripture, welcome to the adventure, words

    This week we allow Clint to geek out over words, language, and their origin. We uncover common terms we may throw around or hear today and where we can see their roots found in scripture. Though all of these are attributed to the bible or Judeo-Christian culture, the origins of some of them are uncertain. But one thing we do know is that there are huge parts of modern languages that only exist because of Christianity. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Corona + 2 Hurricanes = $20.20

    August 29th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  54 mins 48 secs
    2020, adventure, bad things, book, catholic, christ, christian, culture, faith, free will, freedom, god, hurricane, hurricane laura, jesus, laura, movie, music, natural disaster, pandemic, podcast, welcome to the adventure, why

    This week Steve and Gordon tackle current events as Hurricane Laura misses Houston and devestates those in Louisiana. With all that is going on in 2020 we decide its time to talk about Gods providence and free will. Why do bad things happen and what is our answer or purpose in all this? Tune in this week to find out. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • The Waco Siege

    August 22nd, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 10 mins
    adventure, atf, book, branch davidian, catholic, christ, christian, culture, david koresh, davidian, death, faith, fbi, gary noesner, god, history, jesus, movie, music, netflix, podcast, polygamy, religious, revelation, series, seven seals, seventh day adventist, show, siege, tv, waco, welcome to the adventure

    This week Clint and Gordon discuss an American Tragedy: The Waco Siege of 1993. Netflix recently released a miniseries on this historical event and we break open the themes found within that dramatization. What can we learn from a religious movement hoarding weapons and engaging in polygamy AND FBI & ATF agents acting out of fear? Tune in this week to find out. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • The Prodigal Prince

    August 15th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 11 mins
    aang, adventure, air, ambrose, anger, appa, atla, augustine, avatar, azula, banishment, bending, bible, book, calling, cartoon, catholic, christ, christian, conversion, culture, destiny, earth, elements, emotions, evangelization, faith, fall, family, father, fire, forgiveness, free will, fulfillment, genesis, god, grace, honor, hope, iroh, jesus, justice, katara, korra, kyoshi, lion, lord, mercy, monk, movie, music, netflix, nickelodeon, ozai, phoenix, podcast, power, pride, prince, providence, reconciliation, redemption, scar, scripture, sokka, spirit, tea, temptation, toph, turtle, uncle, vocation, war, water, welcome to the adventure, white lotus, wisdom, zuko

    This week we discuss one of the greatest redemption character arcs in television history as we break down the themes we love from Avatar the Last Airbender Season 3. Join us as we discuss the process of redemption and what lessons we learn from Prince Zuko, Aang, and our other favorite ATLA characters. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • When the Fire Nation Attacks

    August 8th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 19 mins
    aang, abuse, activism, adventure, air, appa, atla, avatar, azula, balance, banishment, bending, book, bryan konietzko, bumi, calling, cartoon, catholic, charisms, childlike, children, christ, christian, colonization, corruption, culture, dante basco, dave filoni, dee bradley baker, disabilities, diversity, earth, elements, emotions, evangelization, faith, family, feminine, fire, gender, genocide, gifts, god, grace, grey griffin, honor, hope, imperialism, incarnation, jack de sena, jesus, justice, katara, korra, kyoshi, mae whitman, mako, masculine, mercy, michael dante dimartino, michaela jill murphy, monk, mourning, movie, music, nature, nickelodeon, paul, peace, peter, podcast, pope, pride, refugees, reincarnation, respect, sabbath, sexism, sokka, spirit, tea, toph, tradition, trust, vocation, war, water, welcome to the adventure, white lotus, wisdom, zach tyler, zuko

    This week we take on one of our favorite childhood shows which has completely shaken the world now that it's on Netflix; Avatar the Last Airbender. In part one of our ATLA series this week we discuss the first two seasons of the show, and some of the key themes that make us love it so much. Join us as we take a look at what we as Christians can learn from the show even though it's based on Eastern religions. Spoiler...There is a lot. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Be A Penny

    August 1st, 2020  |  Season 3  |  49 mins 24 secs
    a man's gotta do, actors, adventure, bad horse, billy, blog, book, brand new day, captain, caring hands, cartoon, catholic, charity, christ, christian, comedy, commentary, culture, dark, evangelization, everyone's a hero, everything you ever, evil, faith, felicia day, freeze ray, frozen yogurt, god, good, hammer, hero, homeless, hope, horrible, horse, jesus, justice, laundromat, light, mercy, moist, morality, movie, music, musical, my eyes, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, penny, penny's song, podcast, satan, science, serve, simon helberg, sin, slipping, so they say, social justice, songs, trajedy, vampire, villain, welcome to the adventure

    Who Said It: "The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." Was it a politician, Steve, or a character from our topic for this week? Join us to find out as we discuss the comedy musical Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and what it teaches us about pursuing social justice and Christian moral perfection. In a world full of fake heroes and not quite nice villains, be a Penny. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Seeking A Hero, Finding A Savior

    July 25th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  54 mins 26 secs
    addiction, adventure, alone, andy grammar, angst, animal, book, catholic, christ, christian, community, corona, covid-19, crucifixion, culture, darkness, desolation, despair, doubt, enrique iglesias, faith, god, help, hero, hesitation, hope, humility, identity, isolation, jesus, life, light, love, movie, music, my own hero, podcast, pride, relationship, savior, scripture, seeking, song, three days grace, welcome to the adventure

    This week we take on several songs ranging from 'Animal I Have Become' by Three Days Grace to 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias as we discuss addiction and how to escape the hopelessness of quarantine. Join us as we focus on the story that emerges from feeling lost and alone to seeking and ultimately discovering the hero that is our Savior Jesus Christ. With all of the suffering in the world we discuss the reality that "Christ is still on His throne," and that should give us all hope. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Hamilton - Act 2: The Legacy

    July 18th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 10 mins
    adams administration, adventure, alexander hamilton, america, angelica, anthony ramos, best of wives and best of women, blow us all away, book, break, broadway, burn, cabinet battle, catholic, choreography, chris jackson, christ, christian, colonies, confession, congratulations, creative, culture, daveed diggs, death, disney plus, duel, eliza, england, evangelization, faith, forgiveness, freedom, george washington, god, government, grace, hamilton, hip hop, history, home, hurricane, i know him, immigrant, it's quiet uptown, james madison, jasmine cephas jones, jesus, jonathan groff, king george, legacy, leslie odom jr. aaron burr, lin manuel miranda, loss, love, lyrics, maria reynolds, movie, music, musical, nation, nature, okieriete onaodowan, one last time, pelagian family, philip, phillipa soo, podcast, politics, prayer, pride, quiet, rap, renee elise goldsberry, reynolds pamphlet, sabbath, say no to this, scandal, schuyler, schuyler defeated, stay alive, story, suffering, take a break, the election of 1800, the room where it happens, the world was wide enough, thomas jefferson, time, washington on your side, we know, welcome to the adventure, what'd i miss, write, your obedient servant

    "One Last Time" "Take a Break" and discuss with us Act 2 of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton and what it can teach us about the Christian faith. Join the conversation as we discuss themes of forgiveness, family, and the need for us to sabbath well. #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Hamilton - Act 1: Rise Up

    July 11th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 15 mins
    a winter's ball, aaron burr, adventure, alexander hamilton, america, angelica, anthony ramos, beautiful, blessings, book, broadway, catholic, christ, christian, christopher jackson, colonies, culture, daveed diggs, dear theodosia, dichotomy, duel, eliza, england, evangelization, faith, family, farmer refuted, father, freedom, george washington, god, good, gratitude, guns and ships, hamilton, helpless, hero, hip hop, history, history has its eyes on you, immigrant, jasmine cephas jones, jesus, john laurens, jonathan groff, king george, legacy, leslie odom jr., lin manuel miranda, love, lyrics, marquis de lafayette, meet me inside, minority, miracle, movie, mulligan, music, musical, non-stop, okieriete onaodowan, peggy, phillipa soo, podcast, politics, possession, pride, pro-life, rap, renee elise goldsberry, revolution, right hand man, satisfied, schuyler, soldier, stay alive, suffering, ten duel commandments, that would be enough, the schuyler sisters, the story of tonight, time, true, tyranny, wait for it, war, welcome to the adventure, what comes next?, yorktown, you'll be back

    How does a musical, no, not the Suessical, become something so perusable, so beautiful and viewable that our global obsession becomes excusable? Join us this week as we discuss how Act 1 of the broadway musical Hamilton can teach us to be better Christians. The truth is "You will never be satisfied" with just one Act so 'You'll be Back' for Act 2 next week because you're "willing to wait for it." #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • Pursuing the Princess Bride

    July 4th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 1 min
    adventure, andre the giant, as you wish, balance, batman, beautiful, billy crystal, body, book, bride, buttercup, cary elwes, catholic, challenges, chris sarandon, christ, christian, christopher guest, church, comedy, covid, cult classic, culture, d&d, death, death resurrection, emotions, evangelization, evil, fairy tale, faith, fantasy, fezzik, fred savage, fulton sheen, giant, gift, god, good, gospel, hope, humperdinck, inconceivable, inigo montoya, intercession, jesus, joker, justice, kingdom, loss, love, mandy patinkin, marriage, mask, mind, miracle max, morality, movie, music, pirate, podcast, poison, prayer, pride, prince, princess, robin wright, rugen, sacrifice, saint, scripture, service, spirit, succession, suffering, swordsman, talent, temptations, thomas aquinas, tradition, transcendentals, true, true love, vizzini, wallace shawn, wedding, welcome to the adventure, westley

    By request, this week we take on a classic movie which is basically Community meets fantasy D&D adventure: 'The Princess Bride.' This movie is jam packed with Christian themes that help us understand the love and sacrifice of Christ as He pursues His Princess Bride; the Church. Could Inigo Montoya reflect aspects of Peter's papacy? Is Fred Savage's character a metaphor for Christian conversion? Join us in our discussion this week and let us know what you think! #WelcomeToTheAdventure

  • From Man's Sweat & God's Love

    June 27th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  48 mins 5 secs
    adventure, alcohol, beer, book, brewery, brewing, catholic, celebrate, christ, christian, community, culture, faith, god, good drink, jesus, movie, music, podcast, rejoice, sabbath, saints, welcome to the adventure

    From man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world.”- St. Arnold
    Steve and Gordon not only share a podcast and are friends, but both love beer & brewing. Because of that, Gordon has always wanted to do an episode with Steve on this topic. Join us this week to see how that goes. #WelcomeToTheAdventure